Early stimulation for babies from 0 to 3 months


The stimulation or early attention is a set of scientifically proven activities, and applied systematically, encourage and make the most of the physical and mental capabilities of your baby.

How does it work?

The growth of your baby's brain depends on the stimuli it receives. If these stimuli are adequate in terms of quantity and quality, they will promote an adequate rhythm in the acquisition of different brain functions.

The repetition of the exercises reinforces the neural areas of your baby, which allows him to acquire new knowledge.

The exercises will help the baby develop the psychomotricity, cognitive and language skills, independence and autonomy, as well as emotional and social aspects.

When is it done?

From the birth of your baby to six years of life, because in this period is when more neural connections are established in the brain and when babies develops the structure of their thinking.

That is why it is recommended to carry out activities after 45 days of life.

How is it performed?

The activities are done as a game, a fun time together with your baby.

You must respect the hours of sleep or hunger.

You should not force your baby to do the exercises because it should be fun for him

It is not advisable to overstimulate babies.

Start with 5-minute sessions and gradually increase them to 10 minutes.

Congratulate your baby after each exercise regardless of whether the baby has achieved it or not.

Try to do them a minimum of three times a week, although ideally they should be done daily.

What exercises can be performed on  the first 3 months?

Lay the baby face down, extend the arms and motivate the baby to raise the head and core caressing the back.

Face up, talk to the baby and put colored or sound toys on the sides to encourage the baby to turn his head sideways. You can also gently stroke the cheeks.

Face up, gently lift the baby up to sit, holding the baby firmly by the wrists.

Lying on the back, pull and push the legs gently

Gently massage the baby´s whole body from head to toe with a suitable oil.

Hang colored toys or with sounds above the baby's sleeping area so that when the baby is awake they get the baby's attention and fix the eyes on them.

Hug your baby, smile and talk to him/her  a lot and with love.

It is not an obligation, but try to integrate these activities into your daily games.

And remember that each baby is different and unique and they have their own rhythm of development, but all are born with a great potential that you can take advantage of and stimulate while you enjoy a good time together.